Payday - A simple application of Human Resource Management System to maintain your relationship with the employees more effectively. Company employees and their activities can be managed easily with a friendly interface. Keeping track of each employee and their daily activities such as maintaining a working schedule, leaves, deciding compensation and providing benefits, motivating employees will become much easier and less time consuming. Employee management and payroll activities are the main key objective of this system and this application helps you in the best way possible.

Payday is developed using Laravel 8.19, Vue.js & MySQL database. It’s easy to install and you’ll get free updates.

Why PayDay?

  • Dashboard

    See all statuses of the application from dashboard and stay up to date.

  • Job Desk

    Find all of your data summery very easily in just one place.

  • Employee

    Find and manage all of your employees and their history, statuses, salary, leave, attendance in one place.

  • Import Employee

    Import employees to the app.

  • Leave

    Track your employees every leave, assign, approve or reject their leave in this option. And also you can find the whole summery of leave here.

  • Attendance

    Track an employee every day attendance through the app's Punch In and Punch Out option. Manage attendance by assign or approve or reject application and view the whole attendance summery.

  • Geolocation & Ip

    Track your employee's geolocation and ip through attendance.

  • Import and Export Attendances

    Manually Import Attendances. Also app admin and Manager can export attendances.

  • Payroll

    Calculation and generation the employees monthly or any customized date's payslips are fully automated.

  • Administration

    • Users & Roles

      Add different users to different role based on permissions.

    • Department

      Create Departments and manage your employees according to your need.

    • Work Shifts

      Create and assign Work Shifts to employee or departments to manage your workflow.

    • Holiday

      Create holidays and be relax on those days.

    • Organization Structure

      Find the full organization structure here.

  • App Settings

    Customize and set the full application according to your demand.